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H55 not turning on with HG10 and r9-290x


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Ok so I currently have a problem where my corsair pump isn't turning on. The r9-290x is working perfectly fine. The HG10 installation was pretty simple but for an odd reason my H55 is lighting up or anything :[pouts:. Its plugged into my CPU fan header. I tried other 3 pin ports but it still isn't working. Any ideas?
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3 ways

feel the block for motion

checking rpm on the header where connected

monitor idle/load temps


but go the right path & exchange it if it isn't operating up to par...


I just finished doing a benchmark. The card hit 93c. The pump refuses to just turn on. I guess the thing is just broken :(. I guess I will have to turn the unit in :[pouts:. But luckily I have a gtx 760 lying around here so it won't stop me from anything big. Thanks for the help though.

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