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A little motherboard "cable" problem with AX1500i


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Hello! to all Corsair world!

I have a little problem with the PSU AX1500i.

I explain: In my office we recently have bought this PSU and it works excellent!

Our reseller has changed the motherboardand processors to update the computer but...!

The new motherboard has the 24+8+8+4 connectors: one 24 pin, 2 EPS 8 pin and one ATX 12V 4 pin.

Damn! The AX1500i has only the 24 pin and 2 EPS 8 pin. Is there any chance to adapt some other connector (like a molex) or any other way to have available also the 4 pin ATX one?


Thank you very much!

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You don't need all three power connectors. They all go to the same circuit. Using just the two 8-pin connectors should be more than enough. The 4-pin is there for people that have a more typical PSU with one 8-pin and one 4-pin.
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