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H100i, high CPU temperatures


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I saw many threads with problems similar to mine but none of the solutions helped.

Short description - I bought my PC ca. 2 months ago, it was working perfectly and cooling was quiet and very good.

Yesterday I was playing few games and after 3-4 multiplayer matches on Mass Effect 3 my cooling became louder. Fans were like 100% RPM and this makes a lot of noise. I decided to restart computer but that didn't help. After second restart I went to UEFI and checked temperature - it was above 60 C and it was growing (1 degree / few seconds). After it reached 80++ I shut down PC and left it for entire night to cool down and see if it was only one-time problem.

Right now it has the same problems - CPU is starting to heat very fast after turning ON my PC.

I was also trying to make an update via Corsair Link but I can't see H100i anywhere on list.


I've tried to switch USB ports for pump, changing keys via regedit.


I have no idea what's the problem. I've contacted Corsair but since I'm not in country that has direct support I'll have to wait couple of days for their reply.


I'm attaching also screens from Corsair Link - weird thing is that at the bottom you can see CPU that has 0.00 C, but sometimes it shows actual value (like 71 C).


PC specs:

Windows 8.1

i7 5820k

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970

MSI X99S Gaming 7



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Doublecheck the mounting of the backplate. The inner square part of the backplate has one side that's notched in, that's supposed to wrap around two of the screws from the CPU socket plate. If the backplate isn't installed correctly (and thus the pump isn't making proper contact), that could cause the problem.


Also try pushing down on the block while the system is running to see if that reduces temperatures.

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My motherboard supports this cooling by itself so mounting it wasn't a problem. Also if this was the issue I think that it would happen earlier, not after 2 months of using.


Also I tried to push down on the block and temperatures were still the same.

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