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K95 RGB Assigning Macro


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I'm trying to setup a keyboard macro that when pressed holds down two keys until I press the same key again. So for example:


Pressing NumPad 9 presses ' and . and they stay pressed

Pressing NumPad 9 again releases ' and .


Every time I hit NumPad 9 they stay pressed and I was hoping it would toggle them back off but it doesn't.


I setup a macro that has the delay and key release removed but no combination of other the settings seem to work as a toggle.


Any suggestions?

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The toggle option isn't the in list of macro steps. Look in the fields near the bottom of the macro window.


I have a similar macro than what you are describing and it works with fine.


I have Macro Termination set to 'execute macro uninterupted'. And I have ACtion repeat set to 'on/off(Toggle)'.

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Tried that, no luck.


My macro looks like this:


Press Key '

Press Key .


Execute macro uninterrupted


On/Offf togggle


It does the action but never stops. I do get this error when I press [OK]:

One or more button operations don't match. Continue?


I can't find any info on this message.

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I don't have the K70rgb but the K65 and I use page up and down for macros so here is what works for me.


Make sure your in the profile you want the macro to work in. Make sure your in the assignments tab. Use your mouse and go to the key you want for the macro. Right click that key. Choose Assign New action. Name the macro. Choose your Macro termination setting, choose your action repeat (For what you want choose ON/Off toggle. Choose your delay. Then go up to record and press your keys ' and . then stop. If you want you can make a lighting option when you start the macro to let you know its active. Again make sure you are in the profile that has the macro as the macros are set to the profile your in when you create it.

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