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Two 4GB XMS3 modules produces errors, tested separtely they are OK


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I have an Asus p8Z77-V LX mobo (recently updated the bios) w/Intel i5 and have been running Windows 7 64bit happily with two 4GB modules installed for years. I noticed weird errors recently and ran memtest86 and found that one of the two modules (CMX4GX3M1A1333C9) were producing errors. So I had it replaced from Corsair using the RMA process.

The newly received module produces no errors with memtest86 and neither does the remaining old module when they are tested separately. When tested together, however, there are still plenty errors.

Reading in the forum some of the advice given to people with similar problems, I bumped up the memory voltage from 1.5V to 1.65V in the bios but this did not result in any difference. Using different empty memory slots on the mobo makes no difference. How can I get this mobo to work with 8GB like it once did?

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a single factory matched kit is recommended because of this. its likely the two ram stick have different IC chips that are incompatible with eachother. when RMAing you could have done them as a pair to get a matching set back.

please call customer service on monday to see what your options are to get this resolved.


what are the version numbers on both sticks?

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