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Name: Christmas



A Christmas themed profile, decided I'd go with something a bit different after seeing a couple of others go with snow falling or a tree on the keyboard.


This profile is more designed around the colourful wrapping paper everyone is used to this time of year! Enjoy your holidays folks!








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I love how you went for the choppy lighting rather than a smooth wipe.


Yes! I wondered how people would react to that. For some its a bit too confronting or off-putting, but I feel it represents the nature of Christmas lights a bit better :greengrin

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Whenever I try any of your profiles, my drivers crash. It seems like it's only your profiles, too. I know the keyboard model is correct. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?


Have you updated CUE recently? (not the firmware, thats the keyboard. Go to corsair.com/downloads and get a newer version)

That's been the most reoccurring fix to the problem :)

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Very cool man, love it!


Schwitz, you're a mad man! (It's a good thing) Thanks again for an awesome profile!


Thanks guys! :greengrin


For the K65 profile, is the Fn key and lower volume button not lit up for anyone? How do I fix this?


Its because those keys don't exist on the K70, see if you can add them to the existing groups.

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