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h100i is not detected


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Hey guys. So I just finished building my very first PC. As of right now everything seems to be working as it should. Just one thing that's bothering me though: Corsair Link does not show the h100i. I would like to change LED color, but it doesn't show on CL for me to do so.


I do have the USB cable plugged in correctly and the other end is also correctly connected to the USB header on my motherboard.


My system:



Sabertooth z87


EVGA 750W 80+


Whenever my PC boots up, it shows me a popup saying that an USB device was not recognized, pretty sure its referring to the h100i.


Any ideas?


Few screenshots:





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Have you tried a different USB port and a mini USB B to Type A cable?

Try an older version of the software and see if that helps.



Have you tried turning off Legacy mode?

Known Issues

LED saved settings not persistent after restart if two of the colors are set to 0 (255, 0,0) New firmware revision to address issues will be available in a 2.8 release.

On certain Intel motherboards (Z87/Z97) that use the Intel USB 3.0 drivers it is necessary to change the “Legacy USB Support” to Disabled in BIOS for detection of the H80i/H100i/Commander units.

Compatibility - NZXT CAM driver package conflicts with AXi Series drivers needed for communication with the PSU.

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I've been going for a few weeks now with my new h100i and just realized that my Link software wasn't recognizing my pump. The Link features I was missing was the ability to view the pump gauge, the graphs tab, and the ability to change the led color.


My solution was to move the usb over to a different port. For some reason it wasn't recognizing that it was plugged in on the first port. I moved ports with the pc on and as soon as i moved it, the Corsair software immediately recognized that the pump was plugged in and requested for me to restart the pc. When I restarted, Corsair Link then asked me to updated the pump firmware. After that it's working perfectly.


Also, i'm running an ASUS z97-ar mobo and windows 8.1pro

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