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Wireless devices can't "see" Voyager Air


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Hi all. I've had my voyager air for several years now, never had an issue til the firmware update. I turned on auto update on all my Apple devices and now the app and firmware don't match up. I downloaded the firmware update, placed it in the root folder as per the directions, and tried to connect to it with my iPad, also per the directions. None of my devices can find the Voyager Air so I can't proceed with the update and I can't use it. I'm leaving on vacation tomorrow and would love to be able to keep my kids busy on the long drive with their movies.



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I am assuming the firmware on the Voyager Air is on 1.2.8.


Download firmware 2.0.17. Follow the included instructions to update the firmware and make sure you plug the Voyager Air into the included wall adapter before updating the firmware or else it will not start.


As noted in the instructions, the Wi-Fi logo should start blinking indicating the firmware is being updated then stop after completion.


If it does not blink,

Try turning the Wi-Fi switch to the on position.

Make sure the wall adapter and cable are plugged in correctly and that there is power. (Lightning Icon will be lit)

The filename has not changed and it is in the root folder. e.g. G:\VoyagerAir-dev.pkg

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