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"Did Not Receive" UPC Label, But Received the Envelope I Put It In...


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I purchased a H90 that had a $30 rebate. I included the rebate form, receipt, and the original UPC label from the H90 box in an envelope, properly labeled it, and sent it to Corsair on time. The rebate was then invalidated by Corsair because the UPC label was "missing." I contacted Corsair's rebate support and the representative said Corsair received the rebate form and receipt, but the UPC label was missing from the envelope.


I know for a fact that the UPC label was put in the envelope. I specifically remember taking it off the box and placing it in the envelope. The rebate support representative said there was nothing he could do. He refused to recheck the envelope and refused to speak with the team who opened my rebate letter.


This is horrible management from a big company like Corsair. They need to keeps logs on which workers opened which letters so they can fire the ones that "lose" the important contents of the letters. How hard can it be to open a envelope and not lose the contents inside it?


The receipt alone should be enough evidence to prove the consumer purchased the unit that the rebate was offered for. The rebate support representative said I would not be allowed to photocopy the UPC labels and submit a copy of it in the event that they "lose" another label. This is just a repulsive policy.


I believe Corsair just "loses" UPC labels so they can save money instead of fulfilling their rebates that they promised to their customers. They have their rebate disclaimer written specifically so they can "lose" the rebate "requirements" that "must" be mailed to them so Corsair can just say something was not received in order to invalidate the rebate and save money.



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Parago would not honor my rebate on a Spec 01 case because the UPC was partially obscured by the shipping label from Newegg, Corsair customer service told me it is a 3rd party issue and effectively too bad, take it up with Paragon which I already had. This has soured my view of Corsair with respect to customer service, it feels like the customer is not important.
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