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another H100i issue


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I finished my new build this morning, and everything was working well. I installed Windows 8.1 64-bit without issue, then installed motherboard drivers and video card drivers without issue. everything seemed stable and operational, so I started downloading things like Steam. once I was content, I turned off the PC so I could install a secondary hard drive. to finish, I installed a WD Blue Caviar 1TB drive, and buttoned the case up.


when I turned the PC back on, I received the error "CPU fan error!" and it had me enter the bios. all case fans and both radiator fans are operational as well. the Corsair logo on the pump head turns red and fades off, repeatedly. furthermore, just sitting in the bios, CPU temps have risen to 80*C+ so I have had several hard shut downs due to fear of high temps. I also have Corsair Link installed and was able to check temperatures there, but no info on pump can be found. I am afraid to do too much due to the rising temperature of the CPU, so I have limited time to make changes.


the H100i is seated well and straight on the CPU. it's also wired up per Corsair directions and on the correct CPU_Fan block and USB on a USB block.


relevant components:


Windows 8.1 64-bit


ASUS Z97-Pro

Corsair H100i


Corsair CX600M


it seems to me, the pump is not working. is this a software issue? or hardware? any input and help would be greatly appreciated.

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Double check the SATA power connection and try a different plug from the PSU and see if the pump starts running. If not, its most likely a DOA.


thanks for the reply.


I ended up trying that, and all sorts of other cable/plug combinations to try and rule out anything.


I finally removed the H100i, and installed the stock cooler. the PC started up fine without error and temps hovered around 30*C. with the H100i, I saw a temp spike of over 80*C at idle while in the bios.


so, would it be safe to assume a DOA pump like you suggested? all the information I have points to a dead pump. what are the chances of an air bubble in the coolant loop?

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