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Random reboots


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Ive been recently getting random pc reboots im not sure if its something to do with my processor not being compatible with the power supply as its the CX600 psu and being my cpu is a Haswell Refresh.


Ive checked to see if its compatible power supply on your psu guide but it says TBD. But ive been getting these Critical Kernel Power Error 41 not sure exactly what the issue is so my last option was to see if any of you guys know. The Random reboots happen every 2 days.


ive checked the memory comes back with no errors using memtest86 my cpu was reaching 75c on a stock intel cooler but i recently changed it to an after market cooler a Gelid Tranquillo Rev 2 so now idles around 27c and 50c on full load. but until now im not sure what it is please help. :[pouts:

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