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H100I LED Color relationship to Temperature


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My system runs cool so it is not a concern plus the lighting in a PC really has little attraction to me. However...

I set my temps to read F as I live in the states. In the Corsair link, it shows F but in Groups and Power, it only displays C. Not a big deal but a bug that needs to be resolved. I thought I'd see how the lights on the H100i responded. I changed the setpoint temps. No change. Blue (cold). I changed the system to read C, color on the LED in the H100i changed. Seems there is a real bug in the temp conversion part.

If I may, I suggest making temperature a sub routine. Display the converted values but use unconverted ones in the control of the item(s). This would perhaps make it simple to resolve this bug.


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I keep wondering what to do in terms of °C vs. °F as the hardware needs to be programmed with °C and as a °F user it would be good to get your input.


At the moment I display whatever you have selected, but all the inputs are in °C. Do you think I need to allow the inputs in other than °C and if so what should I do when there is not a one-to-one mapping? Should 33°F be stored as 0°C or 1°C? Internally I have everything in °C and update a function pointer to display whatever is selected.


What does CL program as the reference points when you have °F selected? The °F numbers? If you exit CL and run SIV it will tell you what is there on the [Link Lights] panel.




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The data should be stored as a single type value. All operations based off of that data type ©. Then a sub routine called if the data view type is selected as an alias, 'F'. This would only affect what is visually displayed.

When I toggled temps from C to F, it seems it is a valid conversion (9/5 +32) display. But I think (it seems) the converted values are being used to control things. That increases complexity as every operation you have to have separate functions, one for C, another for F.


Attached is a view of the SIV link lights


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