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Medieval Nerd

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Howdy everyone,


I wanted to share some pictures of my newly modded K95 RGB with translucent keys! I have to say, the pictures don't do it justice, but this can give you a glimpse of what your own RGB keyboard could look like! :)


Standard Profile:





hébergement gratuit d'images





hébergement gratuit d'images





hébergeur images


Planetside 2:



herbergeur d image


7 Days To Die



hebergeur image

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any reason you haven't replaced the spacebar? :p:


Looks great, by the way!


Although I like how the surface of the translucent keycaps is a bit rough instead of the slick coating that the corsair caps have, I kind of like the spacebar to have a slick surface.


Also, since the spacebar only only has one LED in the middle, I don't mind it being more subdued.


One thing is for sure I love the stabilizers on the K95, I was dreading having to deal with those metal clips, but it's all + shaped sliders, like the key switch. So easy to remove/change.


I was surprised that some of the extra keycaps, meant to be used in the number row keys, actually fit on the G keys! I don't think you can have 2 of them in the same column, but they just barely fit if you just put one. I actually enjoy this, because I would sometimes miss press keys when reaching for the G keys. And now since the top corner keys are elevated, it's definitely easier to guide your fingers without looking.


And thank you, I do love the looks. I've been staring at my keyboard for the past few days. lol

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