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H80i - Interrupted power to unit


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This is my second H80i, and presumably a refurbished one. Nevertheless, it has worked well enough and since Link 2.7, I haven't even had to think about it in several months. 4 months on the job and very even, predictable cooling. However, earlier this morning I decided to change out one of my push/pull 120 fans for an identical one with a different color scheme. It took 60 seconds and didn't require the removal of anything other than the one fan connector with the H80i unit. Both 120 fans are being run through the H80i controller. I powered back on and everything powered up as normal. However, in the Link program, I noticed my fan speed information was present, but some of the other details were listed as unknown. Quick check to devices tab and a lot of my motherboard info is missing. Most of us have seen this before. I uninstalled Link 2.7, checked the USB connection, and then restarted.


After reinstalling Link 2.7, I have consistent power interruptions to the H80i about once every 30 seconds. The unit goes dark for a few seconds, then powers back on. It loses it connection to the motherboard during this time and makes the classic USB disconnect sound. However, my pump speed remains constant. I immediately disconnected the fans from the H80i and hooked them up to the motherboard.


I have changed SATA power connections. No difference.


I have swapped USB plugs. No difference and wouldn't account for the intermittent power.


No other PCI components, lights, or fans are affected by the power fluctuation.


I have reinstalled Link 2.7.5361 in the usual tedious fashion multiple times.


I am unsure how to flash the firmware on v2.7. That option appears to have been removed.


My first H80i went dark with a pump and electrical failure just 6 weeks into it's life, so I'm afraid I've already seen this before. However, I am hopeful there is another answer to this problem. I am 7 days away from starting my new ground-up build. I only need this thing to last a little bit longer.

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