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Corsair Link Icon disappears from the Notification Area Icons


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I have a simple setup consisting an AX860I PSU and a H100i CPU cooler. I never tax my system much (PSU temps never get over 94F and H100i never over 85F). In fact, my PSU fan only runs on system boot! My cooler fans run about 750rpm, nice and quiet.

Now, the issue is when I boot the pc, the icon is in the notification are and if I click on it, I get the little menu. But after a few minutes, I get a Corsair Link Error message regarding memory that cannot be accessed at XXXXXXXXXXXX. The next time I hover over the icon, it disappears. Corsair Link can be viewed and the values seem right. I can close it and reopen it but the icon never returns until next boot.


A side oddity is when I set the mode to 'Performance', the PSU fan does not rev up, only the cooler ones do.


Another question is that I assume none of my other case fans show up in Link, I assume that is because they are plugged into the mother board and not to a Commander mini, right?


Learning all the time.

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The reason none of the motherboard sensors show up is that on Windows 10 the CPUZ137 driver fails to start and CL uses the CPUID SDK. Franck has fixed this, but a new release of CL will be needed.

When CL fails to access memory windows terminates it. After this has happened is if you look with task manager is there a CorsairLink.exe ? If so terminate it and when you restart CL I would expect to see the tray icon.

How is the AX860i connected? CL may down better is you connect it via the H100i rather than USB. Do not connect both.

If you exit CL and run my SIV (http://rh-software.com/) utility I expect it will show all the fans and temperatures.

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Yup, that pretty much is it. I did kill the process and restart it, then the icon shows. I waited a few minutes to see of the out of memory message comes up. Nope.

Seems to only do it on original startup/boot. Though... you never know, it might happen 5 seconds after I post this.


I have the AX860i connected to the H100i then the H100i to the mother board USB2 header.


I Just set it to 'performance mode'. Both H100i fans cranked up, the PSU did not. While in 'performance mode', I went in to Corsair Link and changed the PSU fan setting from 'default' to 'fixed' and set the pwm % to 100, the fan cranked up.


I am not worried as my system is so ever built (for my uses) it is stupid. I barely use 150 watts of power at most and typically, it is about 75.


I've been meaning to grab your application and will do so for S&G. Thanks!



LOL, the error just popped up. I've attached a screen shot.


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