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hey all!


just got me an FX55 cpu and a gigabyte K8NSNXP-939 mobo.

now...at present i am running Corsair 1GB DDR XMS3200C2 Pro TwinX (2x512MB) CAS2 (MY-026-CS) with timings of 2.5/3/5/5.wot would be the best settings for my new mobo?

not installed it as yet as i am waiting by my door for delivery heh heh...

any advice would be most good...thnx all


ROBBER :sunglasse

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The best setting are lowest timings and the highest FSB. but there is a preferance at high FSB - low timings..


I should get that FX-55 clocked high, and when the 55 doesn't want to get any further tortured, get the multiplier down...


When the RAM quits clocking higher, set your timings more loose.

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hmmm...bit extreme for me i think!!...i will just set cpu as standard for now...just t get over shock of cost heh heh.

at present with athlon 64/3000 i would get 'hangs' every now and then so i had to find best timings for it all to run ok.now i will just set spd as standard too...see how it all pans out.

thnx for ya reply :O)

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hi all....

o/c will be an option later of course...but right now i am having probs just running 1 sata drive and normal settings!

does any1 out there have a gigabyte GA-K8NSNXP-939 mobo and FX55 cpu combo?which timings do i change in bios...more than 4 options for timings!

which ones refer to ?/?/?/? (ssandra reports mine as 3.0/4/3/3cl/2cmd )

i just dont get it,i have looked at the bios timings for my ram,swapped slots etc (rows 1&2 - 3&4)...but i am still getting freeze-ups running benchmarks.

glexcess locks up = reboot

3dmark2001se/03/05 lock up = reboot

i am using latest drivers for graphics/sound & sp2

i see most users go for asus mobo...should i change??

i had similar probs with my old 64/3000 cpu n k8nnxp mobo....only common part is my twinx ram...hmmm!

pls people...i just want this system running good so i can bench it and then add all my other drives back in.


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