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CUE 24/7 issues


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I've basically given up on the software. I've tried to look for an older version of the software as the current one is chalk full of issues. No matter what USB I use. USB 3 with keyboard logo, both usbs. USB 2 with keyboard logo, both usbs. At first it wasn't THAT big of a deal, every time I loaded steam it wouldn't run unless I hit the bios switch on the keyboard and it would then load steam, then I would repeat the same step to open up ANY steam game. I believe the same issue came up with any game on any program (Uplay) but not 100%. I can't even run a profile anymore without reinstalling CUE to have it work ONCE without having to restart and reinstalling.


I guess some people don't have issues, while I can't seem to get rid of them. Oh well, you win this time Corsair.

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