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amd64 939 with 3200xl or 4400c2.5


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thinking about getting abit av8 socket 939 board with a 3500+ cpu.

trying to figure out what ram would be better...

twinx1024- 3200XL or

twinx1024- 4400c2.5 ? (with the new 2.5-4-4-8 latency)


what would give better perfomance and overclockability and why with this type of system?



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At stock CPU speeds the XL will run 2-2-2 which usually gives the optimum performance. It also O/C's pretty well but not as high as the PC4400C25. If you want to substantially O/C the memory and CPU then the new PC4400C25 should be the hot ticket as it's certified to run stable at DDR550 or 275 MHz at 2.5-4-4. Finding the optimum system performance requires balancing CPU speed, Hypertransport and memory speeds using a 1T command rate.
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