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Problem with H105 in Carbide 400R fouling Asus Maximus VII Ranger + HX316C 8G


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Hi guys, nearly got a hit with this from a post a bit back but nothing that describes my problem.

cf http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=130636


I'll try and do so without posting pics - because although I have them there may be a simple thing I need to do - orientation or something.


The H105 mounting lugs line up perfectly with the Carbide 400R Rubber Grommets x 8 except that when I attempt to do so with the Asus Maximus VII Ranger loaded with a single 8G DIMM of (another manufacturer's ram HX316C10F/8) the memory the bottom of the fans mounted under the radiator foul on the RAM top edge in slot 1 nearest processor and the block next to it and above the processor. The units will fit if they are angled toward the back and pushed down - if I do that and gently force the issue the radiator can be lined up with the grommets but it is levering the RAM and therefore no good.


It looks like I may need to modify the Fan Shroud by slightly cutting a slot out for the RAM but before I go modifying I thought I should post.


Many thanks for help in advance.



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Ok thanks; I actually had one of the bigger cases in mind but it wasn't in stock and I got talked into this one. No worries. Nothing a Dremel can't fix now I know.


Btw if I can talk him into swapping it back can you please tell me my current best choice pound for pound?



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