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Mode switching + macro


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I'm working on a profile for DayZ and I'm not too sure how to get around this tiny problem.


I've configured the "/" key (which is the in game chat) to light up the entire keyboard while pressed by switching profile now the problem that I have with it is that I have to press it a second time to actually access the chat instead of once (lighting up the entire keyboard + entering the chat)


It seems like the switching mode supersedes any key bind/ macros.


Does someone know a way to get the mode switching going as well as the keystroke itself at once or am I doomed to double tap the key?


Thanks :)

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No one answers because it's not possible. With the current software you can't select a key to switch mode/profile and have it also print its character.


That's why you should assign an unused button to switch mode/profile like the "print screen one" or similar.

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