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USB 3.0 in WinPE


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I need to make an USB stick to image a lot of pc's. It will boot on WinPE to perform the installation of the pc.


The pc I have to install have all USB3.0 ports, but different chipsets. I want to use USB3.0 USB stick because of the speed.

On Intel chipset it Works OK with all my USB sticks.

On AMD chipset I have trouble.

When I use a Voyager LS it Works OK. But when I'm using a Voyager or Voyager GT it boots up in winPE, but can not see the memorystick it booted from. :mad:


What is the difference between the Voyager GT and LS???


They use the same driver in Windows. They both work after installation and Windows have booted up, but in WinPE only the LS stick is working.


Windows Version 6.3.9600.

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