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Corsair CX500M -- C6/C7 issue


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I used the Corsair CX500M for a recent new Haswell motherboard build (delayed due to waiting for Intel DH87RL motherboard with C2 PCH stepping). System has worked well over last 2 months, but it was never idle long enough for C6/C7 mode observance, until recently.


Now, when the computer enters C6/C7 mode, I am seeing 2 unexpected occurances.

I have another identical motherboard (different PSU), without this issue.


1. The motherboard recycles (almost like a reboot) after a period of idle time.

2. When this occurs, the front fan increases speed, similar to initial power up of the computer.


I noted that Haswell compatibility has not been confirmed for this CX500M supply :-(

Is there an UPDATE on Corsair's testing?


Do I need to swap or change-out this specific supply (warranty), with another Corsair model?

RMA required for Resolution?


I need to maintain the 140 mm length (PSU) for CD/DVD bay clearances, in this older HP mATX case.


Corsair KnowledgeBase (as of December 18, 2014):

CX500M, To Be Determined (TBD), Likely compatible — currently validating

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