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can someone explain mem speed and timings ?


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heres a newb question for you all. I want to get some dominator platinum memory for my msi z97 gaming 5 motherboard. I have i7 4790k processor and evga gtx 970 4gb video card. I mainly game with this computer. so what memory is better a higher speed like 2400 MHz with c11 timings or a slower memory like 1600 MHz with c9 timings ? that's the part that's confusing, is the higher MHz more important or the faster timings like c9 more important ? or is it a toss up between the 2 ?

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In general timings are less important than memory speed, especially up to a certain point. For Haswell and Devils Canyon the sweet spot for performance / price is pretty much at DDR3-2133/2400 depending upon the kit size, with DDR3-2400 being preferable if you're not budget limited.


Stuff to read about performance scaling:


1) Anandtech: Memory Scaling on Haswell CPU, IGP and dGPU: DDR3-1333 to DDR3-3000

2) Corsair: Haswell Real World Performance: DDR3-1600 is Not Enough

3) X-Bit Labs: What is the best memory for Haswell? From DDR3-1333 to DDR3-2933: performance scaling test

4) THG: Haswell And Richland Graphics Performance Scaling With DDR3

5) Phoronix: Intel Haswell Memory Scaling With Ubuntu 14.04 + Linux 3.13

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