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[UK] Can I use CUE and start making profiles without the actual keyboard?

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My K70 is on back order with Scan (should have it before Christmas; fingers crossed!), but I am itching to start learning.


So I was thinking about installing CUE and having a fiddle. Even if I can't do anything (yet) with anything I come up with, it would be nice to be over the hump before I actually plug it in. I'd much rather spend hours learning while I am waiting anyway.


So does CUE work without any actual hardware, and if it does, is there any way to simulate the keyboard in CUE to make sure a profile works before testing it on hardware? I'd imagine no to the testing at least, but thought I'd ask.


Also, I'm assuming this is the right forum for this, as it is to do with making profiles, but if this should be in the main KB/M forum I apologise.

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In order to create profiles within CUE you need a RGB keyboard connected.

I am not sure if it's possible to write profiles outside of cue maybe some one else knows.


This sub-forum is called RGB Profiles and Profile discussion, so i think Keyboards and Mice would have been a more appropriate place to post this thread, but i'm just a guest so ehh i don't think it matters haha.

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