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Corsair Sabre cannot change DPI in game


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I am having a strange issue with my new Sabre mouse. Everything works perfectly and I can change my DPI using the DPI buttons. However if open any games (so fare I have tried minecraft, world of tanks, warthunder, league of legends and they are all affected) the DPI will lock. The DPI buttons do nothing and the lighting will not change. However the moment I close the games the buttons respond again. Does any one know a cause for this?


I have found out that any thing other than a default key bind will not work when a game is open. So a mouse button was defaulted to Back (in a browser). I changed the mapping on this key and changed it back to back, it now no longer works when a game is open. So the forward key still works, but if I mapped it to forward again myself, it would only work when no games are open.


Also my default profile is saved to the device.

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