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League of Legends Ultimate Macro Mode

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Hey fellow gamers.


This will be a long post many apologies.


Since getting my k95 RGB I've been working on my league of legends profiling to use the G keys.


Lets get into this.


Firstly I created Macros for all the timers that were relevant.


Flash, Heal, Ignite, Teleport, Exhaust, Barrier, Drake, Baron & Inhibitor.


What I then did was starting from the bottom of the G keys assigned each one a role.



G16 - G18 is ADC

G13 - G15 is Supp

G10 - G12 is Mid

G7 - G9 is Top

G6 - Jungler as they only really carry flash.

G1 - G3 - Drake / Baron / Inhib




To begin with each is set on a timer relevant to the CD timer of the individual spell.


So for Example lets take 'ADC Flash'


ADC Flash = Timer of 300 Seconds / 5 Minutes.


First thing I did was created a macro for

<Enter > A > D > C > Space > F > Space > U > P <Enter>


Change to Repeat 2 Times, Delay between repeats 1 ms.




Next I created a Timer :


Action > Create Timer > ADC F Timer.

Set countdown to 5 minutes.

Play sound #Sound file (ADC FLASH UP - Text to speech recording).

Play x 1

Execute Action - Macro ADC Flash. This will Execute the Macro we just made once the cool-down has come off.





Lighting was set up next:

Solid > End Time 300 Seconds / 5 minutes.


On the scale every two marks indicates a minute. I Created 5 Separate colour points. This allows the Key to change to indicate at what minute they will soon have the summoner spell or the Buff/Obj will be up.





Now that's done I added it back into my Timer.


Sound Files:

I recorded some text to speech files of 'ADC FLASH UP' etc.. Of all summoners / Objectives.


Next I went back into my Timer 'ADC F TImer'


Then we add 'Play Sound' Locate our file for ADC FLASH UP.


Play x 1 or 2.


Execute Action - ADC FLASH MACRO.


Lighting When Start - ADC F.


Final Timing Macro.




So now what do we have:


ADC Flash Key Press Sequence:


ADC Flashes:

Key Press / Timer Starts / Colour Red / 4 Mins Yellow / 3 Mins Creamy Yellow / 2 Mins Light Green / 1 Min Dark Green / 0 Minutes

> Sound Played 'ADC HAS FLASH' x 1 > Enter ADC F UP (in chat box) x 2 > Key Resets to Default clear no illumination ready for next flash used.


I'm not sure If the Mode/Profile will contain the sound files So I will include them.


I'm releasing this earlier than normal. So inhib, baron and drake timers are still not completed.


But I've shown you how to do this so feel free to add your own timers.




Video of working in game Macro - [ame=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Weo2zF9fhrs&list=UUBLISWlYarIHA6fNZblTWtQ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Weo2zF9fhrs&list=UUBLISWlYarIHA6fNZblTWtQ[/ame]


** P.S **

**On the macros for some reason you have to put on the macro exit sequence to Enter Twice as sometimes it locks you in the chat box and you can't seem to cast Abilities with it. So sometimes you have to quickly tap enter again after the macro in chat. Not sure why it does this. I've tried single Enter, Double Enter and sometimes the results change.**


I hope this helps.





Also I checked if this was legit to use from Riot, Seeing as it's not affecting the actual game then it's fine.


League Of Legends.prf

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I've done similar to a K70 using the number pad etc.. I can get the profile for it If need be. Though it needs to be finished. Also I have a profile for a K65 I'm working on but my whole League keybindings need to be shifted over for that.
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