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Corsair Link software and hardware with an AX860i Digital Power Supply


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Actually, I do not think that there is anything works fine in that software. The software is so buggy! Unbelievable!


This is my first Corsair software I have ever used. I have used only hardware parts in the past and I was satisfied from the quality. But this is horrible. It is loss of time to write down the same with others here. Faulty reading sensors, blinking red on and off, and waht I couldn’t find in the forum, is the flashing red-green LED on the Link adapter comes with the AX860i. I do not understand why it happens. With no obvious reason, it starts blinking red-green for a long time, sometimes is still green and it seems to be OK, but the software is still malfunctioning.


The only reason I chosen the AX860i instead of AX860 is the software ability to measure real-time the consumed wattage. But this is problematic. I can provide usually (not always – usually is 0watts) the power-in and never the power out, so, no power efficiency calculations can be made.


Finally, I realized that maybe, when the software is loaded, then the hardware indicates the sampling by flashing the red-green LED. I suppose that, because it stops blinking when you unload the software. Just a note…


The software recognizes almost all the hardware, (except H100 cooler) but it cannot provide the functioning parameters, not even AX860i’s temperature.


I have built a new system, based on X99 Asus MB, Corsair AX860i, Corsair Hydro Series H110, Corsair Obsidian 750D, all new, with Windows 8.1 Pro on Samsung SSD 850 Pro.


With so many problems, I am looking forward to see solution from the manufacturer, because we have paid a lot of money for these products asnd we trusted such a name...

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The red to green blinking means there's communication between the PSU and Link. Think of it like an HDD LED.


Do you have Asus Ai Suite also installed/running while using Link? If you do: Don't. Uninstall.


What version of Link are you running? The latest? Did you try an older than the newest version? I often have the best luck with a version that's a couple revisions old.


There is a new version of Link that should be due out after the new year. Worth a try when that comes out.

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