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CUE software not loading right at start-up


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I think this issue has been discussed before but I don't see a resolution for this problem. When ever I start my computer or reboot I have to manually close out CUE and reload it to make the animations/lights work correctly.


Am I alone in this? Is it a known issue? Are there any possible fixes?


It is not a deal breaker for me but is fairly annoying.


Any input would be helpful.


Some side notes. I have tried reinstalling the software. I am currently using USB 2 ports since they seemed to work better for me.

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Make sure you don't have any old keyboard/mouse software or drivers lingering around. I would also delete the Corsair software and then delete the drivers for your keyboard and any other in device manager. Unplug the keyboard and turn the computer off. Restart the computer and plug in the keyboard, install the software and see if that fixes the problem.
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