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h105 / 550D compatibility?


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Hi all,


I am planning a build this Christmas, and Santa will be brining me an h105 cooling system. My question is this: does anybody have any experience with this unit in the Obsidian 550D case? The two are officially incompatible, but I have seen a few people say they have made it fit.


If I can't make it work at the top of the case (as the larger radiator will probably hit the RAM slots on my ASUS M5A99FX mobo), will it be possible to attach the radiator to the front of the case in lieu of the stock fans?


If I CAN'T make it work, what would you recommend as Corsair's quietest case that will accommodate the h105?


Thanks, Alex

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Unfortunately the 550D won't fit the H105. You can't attach the H105 to the top, and you can't really install radiators in the front (lord I wish you could.)


Understanding you want a silent case, unfortunately our only silent cases for now are the 550D and 330R. The 330R won't fit it either, so my advice is to actually look at the Obsidian 450D. The 450D has stellar airflow, and with proper fan control applied, will run remarkably quietly.

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Thanks Dustin! I'll check out the 450D. That lateral SSD bay looks pretty swanky.


Edit: The 450D works like a charm. You definitely could've fooled me that this is not a silent case; even with the stock fans it is barely above a whisper at full throttle.


It's worth mentioning that it took some critical thinking to fit both the H105 and the motherboard in this case. When installed toward the rear of the case's top panel, the radiator fans contact the IO panel and do not allow room for the 4-pin connectors on my motherboard. It is only too large by a millimeter or two, any smaller radiator would have fit flawlessly. I had to move the H105 to the front of the case's top panel (where the 5" bays are), but since I only have one optical drive this is not a significant issue. I will post my build in a separate thread later.

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