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Random chkdisk


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Hi, I've got a pc running a clean Windows 7 32bit install with AHCI mode and latest drivers etc. It was originally installed on a Kingston SSD, which I cloned to a Force LS 60GB. It has been running fine for a few days until something marked C: as dirty which made chkdisk run on the next reboot.

I copied the Kingston to another Force LS and booted it on another pc (same hardware), and again after some time chkdisk ran on C:. The original pc with the Kingston hasn't done this yet.

I've ran the toolbox and there are no smart errors and there doesn't seem to be a firmware update. Is this likely to be a bug with the Force LS or maybe the Intel ahci drivers?


Here is the chkdisk log http://pastebin.com/XtT7c7Tq

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