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H2100 keeps loosing connection


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My h2100 has been working OK for a couple of weeks now, it has dropped connection like 1-5 times a day, which was annoying, but still managable.


Since yesterday, the headset has lost connection atleast 50 times, ive restarted my PC, changed USB-port on the dongle, restarted the headset, drained the headset and recharged it, and also tried it on another computer. It'll work flawless sometimes for 10-15 minutes, and then struggle to stay connected for 10-15 minutes, this goes in waves, more or less.


I havent added or removed ANY wireless devices, or other electronical devices, everything in my apartment is exactly the same as when it worked fine, but now it's just toying with me. I'm really disappointed, im leaving to go to USA for 3 weeks tomorrow, and i dont have time to turn it in to the store before i leave. Any tips, workarounds, or things i can try to fix this? It's reaaally annoying :(



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Hello, I am experiencing the same thing to the exact detail. I noticed no one posted a reply, so was just wondering if bntlol found a fix for this issue? I've tried searching other sites but this is the only post that has 100% the same problem I am having.
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i know im rectifying a old thread.

started having this issue over the last few weeks. today cutting off and on every few seconds. totally spoiled any listening experience.

after coming on here and seeing this i tried a few things like removal of driver reboot and removed all disconnected usb data. none fixed the problem. i was just about to order a new one, when i thought i would try something. it worked!

so for any who fear they need a new dongle for a headset.

first turn off headset.

next plug suspected faulty dongle in a usb slot and put a pin in the little hole just under the led. i pressed for 5 secs.

then press headset power and hold for 10 secs light will start to flash continually after a few secs press headset power again led will now go off.

this should fix the issue. worked for me, i have not had a drop out for the last 2hrs they have been on.

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I Have this same issue. Funny thing I bought Corsair Headset H2100 about a year ago, for moving reasons I stored it after using it for about 3 days. Its practically brand new. I changed PC. Works perfectly well with my old PC with windows 7.


But with Windows 10 Pro 64bit it breaks every 3 to 4 minutes around a 100 times in regular 2 to 3 hour session.


This is most definitely a software issue.

So far I've tried everything.


1. Updating audio drivers

2. Updating all motherboard and USB drivers

3. Re-syncing USB dongle and Headset many times including draining its battery and using a pin the USB dongle.

4. Completely wipe out PC and reinstalling Windows copy using all brand new computer parts (Mind you I just recently bought a new PC and It was not huge deal)

5. Using corsair Old corsair gaming headset program changing from audio sorround 7.1 to 5.1 and Stereo 2.0

6. Changing Wi-fi channel.


I ran out of options can anyone help me figure this out.

I can read everywhere online its a pretty common issue.


There must be a way to make it work since on my windows 7 PC I used the headset 6 hours straight and not a single disconnect.

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