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Blinking internal LED?


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I thought I made a post on here before about my drive... maybe it was deleted for some reason? :confused:

I got a Force GS a couple of months ago, and it has been nothing but a headache.. Lots of BSOD's and it's def the drive, and I'm not looking for a solution, I'm just curious.

It froze again and I was gonna reset it by pulling the power, and noticed through the crack in the back that it has a couple of internal LED's, one red one green that stay on when the drive is working correctly...


when it hangs, the green one starts flashing about twice a second...

Does anyone know if that means anything diagnostically?


I just updated my support ticket to ask the same question, and they just sent me a RMA form... I was waiting and hoping for a firmware update that might fix it, but I really don't think it's coming, so I guess I'll go ahead and get it over with now. :(:

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I thought it was a weak block that the controller was getting stuck at and refusing to mark bad because a particular disk scan program always froze in the same place, but after running it multiple times, from an outside OS, it was indicating seemingly random bad 'sectors' wrote down a couple "89448448, 66113536" which both end in "000" in hex. Not sure if that's indicative of a bug or just a coincidence :laughing:

I just hope the replacement drive doesn't do the same thing because there's something rare about my system.

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