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(Request) Orange + Rainbow

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Hello, I have been trying to make this color profile for my K70 I really want. What I am thinking is a nice bright neon orange background over all the keys, and then a few waves of rainbow going across it quickly. If someone can help me out I would appreciate it! Thanks
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I'll take a whack at it.


3 Profiles, switch between them with Scroll Lock (I have no clue what it's supposed to do).


1-RAINBOWS - It's a constant stream of rainbows, and an offset rainbow on keypress, heatmap style.


2- Orange Rainbows - Rests at neon orange, releases a rainbow wave left to right when a key is pressed, and keys have a rainbow heatmap.


3- Rainbow Pulse (what I think you're looking for). Rests at orange, keys have rainbow heatmap for some color. Has a rainbow cross the keyboard pretty quickly every 9 seconds. Easily changed, just click the "all group", right click on a key, "Edit Light" and change the duration (repeat interval in this case).


Rainbow Heatmap can be turned off by highlighting all keys (click drag), "Edit Light", and uncheck "on key press" on any of these profiles.


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