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V2100 headset stopped working after 3 months


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as title says my 2100's just stopped working suddenly one day after 3 months of DAILY use.


I have changed nothing up to that point hardware or software wise.


since they stopped working I uninstalled the software and download and install the newest software(with new emblem icon)


pushing the power button for 2 plus seconds I get a solid blue light for 2 seconds and it turns off. repeat the press and get the exact same result.


I have read a few threads about plug and unplug usb for a solid amber light, have tried that too. but that is now that I get. when I plug usb in I get about 10 amber flashes, then solid amber for a short while then solid green then off.


and the usb charge cable have been in the very same port, as well as the dongle. and I even tried to switch ports for both and still not doing anything.


when they stopped working I was actually listening to them, the cut off and have not made a sound since. well they have on occasion upon holding the power button for like 10 seconds made a short popping sound. like a sub will do when its powered on or off.


please advise, do I just need to send these back and get a new pair sent to me from corsair? these have a 2 year warranty if my memory serves me correctly.


what I need do to get new pair as these are clearly jacked up?


I have done nothing to break them and have used them the same way since I have gotten them.


not happy at ALL about this happening these headphones are not cheap for my budget.


EDIT: I just uninstalled and reinstalled drivers and software , still not working :(

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I got my son a pair from bestbuy got a 2 year warranty.I had mine headset for 1 1/2 years my volume knob stopped working took them down to bestbuy got new ones best $13.00 spent got new H 2100 very nice got new 2 year warranty again I will have these to they come out with something new I have had other wireless headsets even the $299.00 don't sound as good as these do. The key word is wireless.
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