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H80i Failing and Flashing Red After Months of Working

Hi Im Blake

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I have had my H80i for almost a year now, and I've loved it so far. But in the last few weeks, I noticed that my H80i LED had begun to flash red.


I thought this was strange, but after Googling the issue I saw that the LED could be changed and -- seeing as it was not presenting any issues at the time -- didn't think anything of it at the time.


When I booted earlier today, the fans on the cooler started blowing extremely quickly; something which, yet again, I didn't really think much of at first. But then I got a system warning saying that my CPU was running at 74C. I immediately shut down and gave it a few minutes to cool off before booting again. I opened up some monitor software to check the temps and it was ideling in the high 60s / low 70s after start up. I then tried launching a web browser, and the temps sky rocketed over 80C.


As I said, this is really weird to me because the cooler has been functioning perfectly up to this point. I did try blowing dust out, but there wasn't any substantial debris in the cooler. I also made sure that it is still securely mounted, which it is. One additional detail which may or may not be worth mentioning is that the air which is being pumped out is very cool... feels just like a normal room fan.


Has anyone encountered this issue? Because I'm starting to get pretty frustrated seeing that as of right now I'm out of a desktop... bummer!

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