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CX750M Weird Noise


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I just purchased a refurbished CX750M PSU from Newegg and its fully functional and came with all the right cords etc etc.




It is making a noise I have never heard a PSU make before. The closest thing I can compare it to is an old hard drive reading/writing. But a little more "electric-y" sounding. Or something.


I recorded it best I could with my headset mic. There is some mouse clicks and general mic feedback but you can still hear the noise:


[ame=http://youtu.be/Ba-kQlJlzzo]Youtube upload of the noise.[/ame]


It isn't the PSU fan, its something actually in the PSU.


It takes intermittent breaks but computer load doesn't affect it, browsing or gaming, its the same.


I tried a bunch of different cord configurations, and changed my motherboard's power saving profiles and nothing stopped or even changed its occurrence.


Just looking for some insight. A fix would be great of course, but also any info on if it warrants a RMA or is a sign of something dangerous would be helpful too. Like is it about to overheat or die or something? Regardless, the noise is just persistent enough and just loud enough to be quite irritating.




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