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Weird power problem


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I have ASRock FM2A88X Extreme 6+ motherboard. Originally I used my old Antec case with existing Allied 400W power supply. Old junk and loud but it worked when I needed to move to a new machine. I have 3 24 inch monitors hooked up to this machine.

At some point I decided to replace the PSU because the old junk was driving me nuts. The box is up pretty much 24/7 and the inefficient and loud PSU had to go. I installed a modular Antec 450W PSU but it did not work with this motherboard. My first reaction was the mobo did not like the 24/8 PIN connectors combination (the Allied uses 20/4 PIN connectors) because the Antec PSU works fine in another PC. So I got the Corsair CS450M. The same story. The mobo would not post. The CPU fan would spin but no post. Finally I got it to work, sort of. The PSU works only if the monitor using the Display POrt is not connected to the motherboard. I have 2 monitors connected now using HDMI and VGA. and all works fine. The moment I try to hook up the Display Port monitor the mobo will not post.

Any ideas what the hell is going on?

My KillAWatt shows the box is using between 50W and 120W max under load

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The CPU/GPU is rated at 100W. The system has no other video cards except what is on the motherboard. I don't think the 'underpower' statement is correct.

The system works fine with 400W inefficient power supply. What might be underpowered for some reason is one of the rails. Maybe the newer PSUs use different wattage distribution on different outputs. The total PSU wattage is the sum of all watts distributed across all outputs. I just don't know what voltage is used by which component on the mobo and how much of it is needed.

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