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new k95 keyboard lights failing


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hi I have a 5 day old k95 keyboard non rgb and 3 led are failing to turn on I have updated firmware and all that good stuff but just wanted to make sure I was doing it right surely the keys shouldn't b failing already


could someone tell me every thing that needs to b done so I can make sure im doing it right


windows 8.1 64bit

vengeance k95 non rgb

fw version 1.15(w)

sw version 1.3


live in the uk English keyboard layout



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It means it has to be sent back to Corsair for them to fix the keyboard or replace it. Process usually takes 5-8 weeks once you ship out the item. Best to bring it back to where you bought it and exchange it for a new one. Replacing LED Switches is difficult due to limited availability in the aftermarket world.
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