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1.0.7 firmware bricked my H100i?


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i'll try to make it short. Link software asked me to update, so I did.

now the problems are:

1. LED doesnt work properly. Its broken. When I set it green+blue, it starts blinking. With only Blue, its just very dark grey. White is red now. what the hell?

2. Fan controls seem to not work. Even Fan speeds(rpm) are wrong.


i should have done some research before updating firmware. is there a fixer for this coming up soon? downgrade? or should i RMA it?

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I just did the same thing you did, (upgrade the firmware.) My LED went out. I checked the config for the LED and the values for the all the LED colors were 0. I changed them to 255 and the LED is back.


I can't help you with the FAN speed, mine seem to be OK. Perhaps the new version alters the settings. Have you reset them?

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