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Is it just the RGB K70 that's having problems?


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I'm curious if it's just the RGB version of the K70 that is having all the firmware / software / blue cherry switch problems.


I ask as I actually got a K70 RGB with brown switches as a gift (birthday!). Had trouble with the software (the default colors were all wrong, and couldn't get them sorted, other issues) and I really wanted blue switches.


So I'm returning it. I actually just wanted a straight up Blue LED k70 keyboard with blue cherry swithces. So i'm wondering if I order one of those if it will run the risk of having the software / firmware issues (do the solid color keyboards share the RGB software?) and if the I'll run the risk of the mushy blue cherry switches that everyone is talking about on the RGB keyboards.


Thanks in advance for answers. I really like how the keyboard felt, but don't want to hassle with software & mushy key problems if that's what I can expect on their "regular" k70 keyboards.

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I have the K70 with blue leds - it does not need CUE. all features are built in and changeable through keys on the keyboard.


Only software you have to install is the firmware update util if you want to update it.


I have it with red switches and have had no issues at all. the odd time on boot the keyboard doesn't light - all you do it unplug it and plug it back in and it gets instantly recognized.


I have had it about a year and all leds are still lit. love the keyboard - the brightness is awesome - it can light up the room with the lights off!


I want to get an RGB with blue switches, but I am nervous not just for the software issues, but also the rgb leds are apparently not as bright as the blue leds on the k70.

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