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Help needed corsair H100i doesn't work


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I need help I'm building a new rig


Cpu- intel core i-5 4670 3.4ghz

Motherboard- asus maximius vii ranger

Psu- seasonic 860w 80 plus platinum

Ram- 16g (4x4) g.skill ripjaws z 1600mhz ddr

Ssd intel 730 series 240 gb

Hdd western digital caviar black 2 tb

Plextor m.2 128 gb

And a corsair h100i


I've installed everething in a haf x case, and turned on the q-code led displayed A2, entered BIOS displayed on the monitor cpu fan error.

I turned off and check all the conections from top to buttom, turned on again displayed the same q-code on the mobo, but this time on the monitor appears temperature error 80 degrees celcius, I got scared and turned of inmediatly the backplate was realy hot, what should I do?

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