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Is it my PSU that's broken or....?


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Ok so earlier this year, I built a custom PC, originally the setup consisted solely of a single gtx 760. Everything worked fine.


After a couple months, I bought a second gtx 760. Everything worked fine for about 3 months. That's when I ran into some problems.


I was playing AC2 (or at least trying to play it, the game would sometimes crash to a notable degree), and the PC just shutdown. However, it was not a complete and total shutdown: the Corsair ram sticks were lit up, and the LED light on the PSU went from green to red, but everything else was off. Any attempt to turn it back on by pressing the power button yields absolutely no response. Only if I completely cut the power off and start it back again will the power button work; in such cases, the PC will run anywhere from a whole day without encountering a random shutdown again, or less than 1 second after turning it on before it shuts down again.


Oh, and these shutdowns are not specific to any programs that I use. I could just be watching a youtube video or playing bf4 and the PC will shutdown suddenly. Yes, Ive already checked voltage rails (everything's normal as verified by corsair) and I don't see any abnormal temperature readings on any of my hardware (using corsair link, HW monitor, and my BIOS)


at first i was certain that this was all my PSU's fault. I contacted tech support and they issued me a RMA ticket. However, before completely abandoning all hope, I decided to try and just completely disconnect my second GPU and try running it. As of right now, this PC has been running for about 3 hours with no issues.

From this it would suggest that my PSU cannot support the SLI configuration, but again, I was running 2 gtx 760s just fine for quite some time.


Although, in all honesty, even with SLI enabled I saw no performance increases in any of my games, so i guess this post consists of two questions or in general the overall question of what the **** is wrong with my build?

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Alright well I ran it for about 2 days without encountering issues.


But when I switched the GPUs into different PCI-E slots, the damn thing ran completely stable for 3 days- before a random shutdown.


I noticed that the only way to get this thing running without any shutdowns is to completely remove the display side of my corsair case and sometimes even putting a large household fan facing the internals and running it on full blast from time to time.


I don't see why this would work. As far as I could tell, there was never a point where my hardware had unusual high temperatures just before shutting down. I guess I'll just send in my PSU and hope this new one doesn't require to do the same crap to get it to run without shutting down randomly.

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