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Corsair Vengeance 2000 disconnecting and other issues.


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I received my corsair vengeance 2000 yesterday and out of the box it has not been working properly.


I've installed the correct software/drivers from the corsair site, have tried front and back USB ports. shut off the wi-fi on my router, and made sure the unit was fully charged before use.


During use of the headset, it disconnects periodically. Sometimes with complete silence no matter it being during gameplay,music, or just idle. You can tell it cuts out when idle cause the white sound (which is very noticeable by the way) disappears then comes back.


Sometimes it'll also make sound garbled or as if their underwater. Like breaking up or skipping. When talking people say I'll sound robotic, underwater, or like I'm gargling water or its not crystal clear.


The USB dongle LED itself stays solidly lit and doesn't show disconnection with blinking or anything when any of this occurs.

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Try the headset on another computer. Does it still cut out and does the microphone still make you sound robotic and underwater etc?


Have you tried repairing the headset to the dongle?



Expand V2000 for the steps to repair.


I dont have another system to test it on and I tried every usb port


I even did a fresh reinstall of windows to give a try


I suppose I can try pairing manually but it has no connecting and the dongle never actually shows disconnections


The sound just cuts out temporarily or something makes a gargling effect

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It's probably best to try a replacement headset instead As the microphone issue may be the microphone itself being faulty. Contact your seller and ask if they can replace the headset for you or request an RMA to replace the headset or try a replacement dongle first.
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