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Corsair H100i pump controls


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Installed everything per the destructions provided and it works like a charm. My idle temps are below 30C now compared to the stock cooler's 42C. The H100i is an awesome piece of equipment.



I don't know why I was so concerned.







I purchased an H100i to replace the stock heatsink on my i7 4790k. The whole setup will be installed in a 540 Air case.



I've been reading up on the unit and have some questions regarding the software associated with this cooler and radiator configuration.


Is the software required for proper pump operation or will the pump default to 100% speed without it?


Also, when installing the radiator, is it best to have the included fans in a push or pull configuration?


I've had absolutely no issues with the corsair products I've bought in the past but reading of all the concerns has me a bit leery. To that end I'm considering skipping the software install and just connecting my radiator fans to my motherboard and setting up fan profiles through the BIDS.


Any advice would be appreciated.

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