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mother board compatibility with memory corsair


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Good afternoon friends.

I would like a little help.

I'm building a new computer and I heed not me to check compatibility, I was only buying items that knew they were compatible with the platform 1150 and ddr3.


today browsing the site of corsair found that the memories that I bought at the end of the page has information about compatibility.


bought the memories Dominator® Platinum Series - 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 DRAM 2666MHz Memory Kit C12 (CMD8GX3M2A2666C12) and it appears in the Info Compatibility Intel® Z87 Platform.


the mother board I'm buying is an ASUS MAXIMUS FORMULA VII, whose platform is the Z97.


now I am in doubt whether it will work after this finding, after checking also on the mother board on memory compatibility manual, not included in this memory in the list.

I wonder if really will not work or worked quietly? all information contained both the corsair as the asus is only information which need to have but not make sense or make sense?



Thank you.

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I will probably work just fine, especially since the ASUS Maximus (VII) series has very good memory compatibility in general. That it is not listed, just means it was not one of the many verified configurations that were actually tested.


understood friend

Now I'm more relaxed

thank you very much

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