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Mouse bungee


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Hey corsair.

I do love your products, but I am wondering if you guys are planning to make a mouse bungee.


TBH I would buy one instantly. IF it has the old logo.

but I guess you guys are sick of the argument but still. Just saying tho. I'm sorry.


please help



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Get over the logo!


I find the people complaining about it by far more annoying, than an overly stylized crossed saber emblem that they went for.


Do you buy these products to stare at the logo for hours on end? By the gods...


This has be debated to ****ing death but, you are clearly one of those who don't mind the logo. I on the other hand don't like it but don't really mind it on my K95 RGB. Now, I would NEVER buy a M65/M95 or any other device that has that logo prominently featured and has it lit up. If I could turn it off then maybe.


The big thing is Corsair was one of the last few companies that seemed to understand they could be very sleek and understated (just look at their cases) and sell just fine and not have to be all G4MING!!1! and in your face with flashy and gimicky crap that companies "think" gamers like/want.


People want to be able to use these things in their office and not have to explain the gaming bull****, some people just dislike the logo. We are buying parts on their functionality AND looks, if not then all keyboards would be rectangular and single color.

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