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Gigabyte GTX980 G1 Gaming or Asus GTX980 Strix in Corsair Mini ATX case?


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Has anyone fit the Gigagbyte GTX980 G1 Gaming into a 250D or Carbide Air 240?


I'd like to build a compact machine with the Asus Impact VII m-itx mobo and 4790k, H100i and one of the above cards.


The Gigabyte GTX980 G1 is reviewed as 290-300mm long and yet Gigabytes own website states 312mm long! As such I'm unsure of compatibility with Corsair's m-itx cases.


I think that the 300mm is measure from the longest protrusion at either end of the card and the 290mm measurement is from the back of the cards i/o plate and the end of the fan cooler shroud.


If the Gigabyte G1 wont fit in either the 250d or air 240, how about the Asus 980 Strix?

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At 312mm, the GTX980 G1 Gaming will not fit in the 250D, and likely won't fit in the Air 240 with an H100i. In the Air 240, you might be able to do it with an H80i, though.


The ASUS 980 Strix also won't fit, but that card won't fit because it's too tall, not too long. It breaks the PCIe spec under those circumstances.

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