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M90 Firmware issue


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okay for some-reason when i restarted my computer my m90 just kinda forgot it was a gaming mouse i mean nothing but basic buttons work (left click, right click, and middle click) no forward, back dpi up, dpi down, and basically anything ii try to program into it...so its a basic mouse now... non of the leds will light up but the top and bottom profile leds... the scroll will one isn't. every time i restart my computer it forgets it was connected and i have to unplug and plug it back up to get it to notice it. i tried updating the firmware and i get (Cannot open USB device, please plug the device into a USB port or reinstall driver!) my k90 keybored is working fine so i don't know whats going on nothing changed that i know of. also i tried the basic things that the forum suggested just don't know if i'm missing something or what.
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