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Automatic profile switching not switching when programs launch


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I have several profiles set for different games on my K70 (one for BF4, one for DAI, etc.), but the profiles will not switch when I launch these programs. I have the profiles saved to switch on the .exe files for each of these games, so that shouldn't be the problem. Does anyone have an idea why they might not be switching? I've tried it for Steam and non-game games, any help would really be appreciated.
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I don't have my keyboard yet, but I had a similar problem in the past with profile switching of different mice that I own.


What happens when you tab out of the game once it is open (alt+tab, or hit windows-key) and then tab back in? Is it then switching correctly?


If I remember correctly it was something with software I had running with some sort of OSD capabilities, like afterburner, dxtory, fraps ect that showed me my FPS for example.


My guess was, that when these applications start to hook into the game and start a process for that, my mouse driver detected that as active and not the game and thus didn't switch the profile. Once I tabbed out and back in, it worked.


So if you don't have any additional software like that running, I'm sorry, I don't know what could be the reason. If you run some software like that, try if the problem still occurs without running said applications. It's worth a shot.


Nevertheless, it is something, that corsair can and should fix!


Good luck fellow gamers.

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