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I bought 2 sticks of VSM256MB333 with different lot#s for my wife's new system and one of them has definitely died.


Windows (XP SP-1) began intermittent restarts after about a week and a half. I pulled the sticks and substituted my XMS modules and let it go for a few weeks: no problems.


I pulled my modules out and put hers back in and got the intermittent restarts again.


I pulled one stick and let her use that for a day and she had no problems (complained a bit that it was faster with the XMS modules).


I re[laced that stick with the other and the computer would not start: power on, fans spinning, no activity on the monitor. Switched the sticks again and everything was fine. I switched them one more time and this time the comp would POST but kept restarting when Windows engaged.

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